Small on Purpose.

We believe that being small has its benefits. Things our clients appreciate. Like responsiveness and personal attention.

We've both worked in large agencies where we saw too much small thinking. We came to believe that in this business you can be small but think big. So we put it right in our business plan, "Stay small."

When you hire Howard&Frost you get Howard and Frost on the front line—from the introductory meeting through the execution of your marketing and advertising materials. We work very methodically, providing touch-points along the way to make sure our clients are part of the process. And, because we're streamlined, there are no unnecessary meetings, communication gaps or screw ups.

We're problem solvers; big problems, small problems, you name it. We've done this advertising thing for a while and we're very good at it. It's why most of our clients have been with us seven years or longer.